Hi! Sorry about the random ask, but I have a question I hope you might be able to answer. :) So, I don't smoke very often. The last time was a little over two months ago. I was at a friends place a few days ago and she smoked while I was there. If I were to take a drug test today do you think i'd pass? I'm worried about it even though I haven't smoked in a while. Thanks for your help!


It depends on how much you smoked :o I’ve heard that if you only take 1 or 2 hits it can be out of your system within a few days. But if you’re really worried about it you should try to flush your system with water, pure cranberry juce, exercise, etc. :)

Master kush X blue dream crumble

Triple 7 Girl Scout Cookies
AWARD WINNING! just won best hybrid hempcon 2014! Classic peppery girl scout smell, similar taste very pungent yet slightly sweet. Wonderful stoney hybrid high that gets you perfectly medicated for hours!

Black Jack
Similar to platinum jack in smell (piney, earthey, outdoors) just a little sweeter. Gives a good enlightened high, not sleepy, great for daytime adventures!

This bud has a sweet smell with a funky tinge reminiscent of cream cheese. It’s smooth with a similar taste and gives a great uplifting buzz :)

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How would you guys like it

If I started posting more info about the strains I’m smoking on? Such as indica/ sativa, the taste, and what kind of high it gives? What’s your opinion? Would it be too much? Are my pictures better just captioned simply? Give me some input! :)

Romantic joint with the babe